Ciao, I'm Justine!
I'm a Japanese American voice actor currently based in the beautiful Tuscan countryside in Italy

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Ciao! I'm Justine Leah Hince! I'm a Japanese American voice actor currently based in the beautiful Tuscan countryside in Italy.Growing up, I loved watching cartoons with my Japanese grandmother. She introduced me to my favorite childhood animated film - My Neighbor Totoro. I suppose my love for voices and characters started there, and it transitioned into playtime with Barbies as they all had very unique voices and accents!At the ripe old age of 9, I did my first theatrical production as Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz and I never looked back! I've been performing on stage ever since and went on to get my MFA in Physical Theatre performance. I'm fortunate to I have had the opportunity to perform in the US, UK, Italy, Germany, and the Czech Republic.Since diving into voice acting, I'm enjoying making connections all over the world. I'm also excited to connect more with my Japanese heritage by giving a voice to characters who actually represent my experience.When I'm not voice acting, I'm a theatre and English language teacher to students of all ages and levels from toddlers to grandparents!


Featured Projects

Voice of the Universe (Lilly)
Top Floor Comics

The Daughters of the Sun (Phaedra, Pasiphaë, Ariadne) | Chimériquement

Once Upon a Wasteland (Elena)
OUAW: A Fallout Story

Under the False Sky - [re]: Idealize (Tamara) elduator

Cryptid Coffeehouse (Sparrow Jane) |

Bardic: Quest for Love (Athena)
Breadwork Games

The Muse (Narrator)
Cornucopia Radio

Nameless (The Sickle) |
Tales Beyond the Veil

Big Inner Beauty (Tammy)
Jon Morris Animations

Hollow (Evelyn)
Desolate Mist

P is for Perfect (Jeans)
That Guy Studios

DeathSitter (Fortune Teller)
Bell Heart

Chloe and Mona (Chloe)
Cartoon Fanatic

Diego: Outback Dragon (Charlie)
Kiki Callaghan

Your First Mistake (Estella)
Ellzina Rose

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